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User Profile for Michael Hamm
UserID: 1605
Name: Michael Hamm  
Status Level: Enthusiast (120)
Registered: 10/1/07
Total Posts: 179
Total Questions: 11 (7 unresolved)

Recent Messages:
Re: Route SMTP traffic to second internet connection
hello, may a manual NAT rule can do the trick: PRIVATE | ANY | SMTP || ORIGINAL | S_Box | Origin...
Re: Firewall Interfaces
hello, check for this things to be set up well: - routing - NAT - Anti Spoofing so long MH
Re: setting up NTP from SmartDashboard
hi, you have to use the command line interface ( the ntp commands ) to set up NTP. so long MH
Re: How to block HTTPS websites
Hello, let me know, how do you do to block https sites? so long MH
Re: Order of FW-1 operations & Back routing of reply packets
hey, yes, you are right. the FW will not check the rule base for this packet, since there is an ...

Recent Questions:
Mac OS X - SecureClient Icon disappear
Hello, since last week, may around 1th august we discover problems with SecureClient for Mac OS X...
Protection against ISC BIND 9 DoS
hello all, CheckPoint provide a protection on IPS-1 but not on FW-1 (SmartDefense) right now. So...
Additional eMule protection for KAD
hello Solution ID: sk30089 "The latest eMule clients can use an alternative P2P infrastructure n...
delete entry in LogFiles
hello, is it possible to delete systematically entries in the logs? for example delete all the en...
SmartCenter CA is not running
hello, since installing R65 HFA2 I frequently was faced with the error message "SmartCenter CA is...