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UserID: 3590
Name: James Luther  
Status Level: Novice (100)
Registered: 12/3/07
Total Posts: 102

Recent Messages:
Re: Broadcast Traffic
Hi, On your primary firewall open Voyager and navigate to Configuration->Router Service->IP Br...
Re: Internal host cannot see internal host
If I'm understanding your issue correctly then you could use bind views on your DNS server. Or poss...
Re: Difference between License...
You can review the pricelist here http://pricelist.checkpoint.com/ Or talk to a Check Point pa...
Re: Hypothetical Scenario / Proof of Concept.
Hello Matt, In terms of point 1 then across the industry it is generally frowned upon to extend y...
Re: CP_merge problem with ip290 and R70.3
Hello Sami, To start with you need to run the cp_merge on the management server. I've never ru...